Knowledge leaders funds- Investing in most Innovative companies around the world

A fantastic offering in my series of exciting Global ETF – KLDW ETF

Gavekal Knowledge leaders Developed world Index– The index is an equal-weighted index that seeks to track highly innovative companies. The index is designed to capture the Knowledge Effect, the tendency of stocks of highly innovative companies to experience excess returns. The index is constructed of Knowledge Leaders through Gavekal’s proprietary process that measures a company’s investment in its future growth. The model adjusts a company’s financial history in an effort to capitalize these investments and reveal the companies with the greatest knowledge intensity. The companies that pass a quantitative Knowledge Leaders screen comprise the index. The index consists of mid- and large-cap companies from the developed world, including North America, Europe and Asia.

The ETF http://etfdb.com/etf/KLDW/ tracks the performance of the above index

Read more from co Website and the ETF charges are 0.75%.


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