Bear Trap?

Sven Henrik at Northman Trader writes some of the most fascinating weekend commentary on the market ..He writes “Are markets setting up for a major bear trap? Let’s explore the question. Look, I could show you a 100 charts that say the same thing that everybody already knows: Things are terrible. From crude crashing 7 weeks in a row, $FAANGS dropping a trillion bucks in market cap and individual stocks getting taken out back and shot. Crypto is a wasteland. Global growth is continuing to slow down hard (Germany just printed its lowest GDP growth in nearly 4 years) and US growth is heading back to a 2% regime. Bulls that were aggressively pushing for ever higher targets are sheepishly reducing them fast. One analyst dropped his 3,200 year end target on $SPX to 2,900, another dropped his 2018 Bitcoin target from $25K to $15K (it’s trading at $3,700 this weekend) and downgrades are permeating the daily news cycle. Long gone is the talk of global synchronized growth that dominated the headlines earlier in the year”.

read full commentary https://northmantrader.com/2018/11/25/weekly-market-brief-bear-trap/

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