Charts That Matter


The season for good data. CPI inflation slows to 2.3% (expectation 2.6%) a 17 months low,prompting economists to expect rate cut early next year IIP accelerates to 8.1% ( expectation of 5.6%) an 11 months high.


China M1 growth is 32bps away from all-time lows yet its economy remains solely dependent on QE & new credit to expand.If over half of global GDP growth for the last decade relied on China, what is this telling you about the current macro environment?

The Chinese Debt Bubble … only a command economy can do it


Downward Dollar
Strategists in the $5.1 trillion-a-day currency market are gearing up for a slumping dollar next year, while pinning their hopes for 2019 gains on the yen. I don’t agree and my view is 2019 will be the one of the best year for Greenback.


The power of depreciation!Turkey records its biggest current-account surplus on record!.Erdogan is destroying the purchasing power of the currency and drives 21.3% inflation which is really good for… no one in Turkey.

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