Charts That Matter- 30th dec

We know nothing worked in 2018 with 93% of assets giving negative returns. There were still few exotic winners

Carbon Credits

The prices had languished for a long time before some tweak by European commission led230 per cent rally in the price between the start of the year and September, which took the allowances to a 10-year high above $25 a tonne.

VXX the ETN tracking volatility was up more than 50% this year and short volatility ETF XIV lost 90%

Burgundy wine
Wine traders can toast a vintage year for Burgundy prices in 2018, as this niche corner of the fine wine market surged to record highs.Burgundy 150 index has surged 35.52 per cent, its best performance in a decade

Equity put call drops to the lowest level in 4 years. It seems everybody bought the F….ing dip this Friday.

So much for Bearishness

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