Charts That Matter- 8th Jan

Germany industrial production fell by a whopping 4.7% YoY in December, the biggest decline since December 2009!


Jeff Gundlach: The Treasury vs copper/gold ratio suggests that 10Y yields are going much lower…… I agree

Household are leveraged. Govt spending is what is supporting the economy and Corporate sector does not want to take any more debt ( except for buybacks)

This is a completely horrific situation” – Gundlach

JP Morgan says recent sell-off in global markets has a striking similarity to the one in late 2015, which may offer a glimmer of hope for 2019. In 2016 recession didn’t materialise. What stopped the rot were Fed, USD & China stimulus; all these could be inflecting again.

Goldman cut a swathe of global 10-Year yield calls, says we have seen the cycle top for U.S. 10-Year Treasury yields

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