Charts That Matter- 9th Feb

China censors media reports about job losses, and official unemployment figures are not reliable – but you can gauge increased pressure in the labour market from the number of internet searches for ‘lay off’: from Ernan Cui of Gavekal Dragonomics

The “Baltic Dry Index” has basically crashed in recent weeks… https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/top-5-charts-week-callum-thomas-13d/ …

Jaguar Land Rover bonds issued in September now trading at 76 cash price.

Global stocks have lost $300bn in mkt cap this week as trepidation around growth in Europe, no progress on US-China trade issues, & disappointing earnings season result to some profit taking. Ind Production in Germany came in well short of expectations & Spain saw 1.4% mom drop.(Holger)

Insider selling ratio picking up

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