Ritesh Jain
Founder & publisher World out of whack

In his easy to understand language, he muses on World out of Whack, about Macro opportunities and challenges, economics, business, and financial issues, and identifying trends which can help individuals and businesses in making informed decisions.

Ritesh resides in Mumbai. He has over twenty years of experience in Financial Markets, traded bonds, equities, gold, derivatives and has managed money for overseas, institutional and retail clients. He believes in keeping himself updated about the changing economic trends and understanding new perspectives of the economy, in general, and markets. This pursuit took him to the New Austrian School of Economics study classes at Munich, Germany.

In his prior life at Tata Asset Management Ritesh was Chief Investment officer overseeing USD 6 billion of Assets Under Management.

Ritesh’s passion for tracking and evaluating international and local monetary and fiscal trends is reflected in his past writings

His weekly feature- “What I Read” appears in the Economic Times(ET) market blog summarising the differentiated reading he does during the week.

His articles have been published in leading domestic newspapers and magazines and also featured in international websites like advisorperspectives.com and valuewalk.com