Connecting the Dots

One of the finest interview on global Markets,  Capital Flow and surprising explanation why equities will be the last man standing. Some Points from Martin Armstrong Interview 1.This is really a consolidation (Equities). And what you have to ask yourself… Continue Reading


The most hated metal is due for a comeback… and it is not Gold it is Uranium

The story of Uranium . Read below for excellent analysis on the metal and a company presentation of  uranium industry https://moneyweek.com/investing-in-uranium-the-most-hated-metal-in-the-world-is-due-a-comeback/ http://www.pineconemacro.com/uploads/2/8/3/3/28331049/white_mountain_weekly_vol_6_3may18.pdf How to invest There are listed stocks where investors can invest directly but there is also a listed ETF goes… Continue Reading


Market Signals

CMG wealth writes a weekly summary of their Trade Signals -Dashboard each Wednesday, Trade Signals looks at several of stock, investor sentiment and bond market indicators. Trade Signals — Dashboard (Bold is Bullish, Italics is Neutral and Bold & Italics… Continue Reading

Watch out for this space

Indians are alowed to invest annually USD 250000 abroad under Liberalised Remmitance Scheme (LRS) limit. There are attractive investment opportunities under this option and I would be writing about these opportunities every week. There are more than 2000 listed ETF… Continue Reading