Have you heard of SHRINKFLATION…. well as input prices rise the Firms will be able to pass on rising prices initially But after some time, stagflation will set in and it will be challenging to pass on the impact of… Continue Reading

India Credit Default Swap

India’s CDS ( credit default swap)spread, while still quite tight, has been widening in recent days although I must point out here that India does not have any outstanding dollar bond

The trend is still in its infancy

 …..where all advertising revenues are shifting Current technological advances in big data, predictive analytics, artificial intelligence, and robotic process automation (RPA) have all greatly impacted the industry and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. The volume of… Continue Reading

Sands are shifting

 the delivery ratio—the percentage of shares actually changing hands in relation to the total traded quantity — was about 35.6 per cent in April, the lowest in nearly eight years. In March 2017, however, this ratio was at an all-time… Continue Reading

Sands are shifting

 Unemployment down, small business which generate employment….booming, order backlog at 14 years high….wages are still contained, consumer spending weak but business spending rising and on top of that Corporates lining up to buy back USD 1 trillion of their own… Continue Reading

Sands are shifting

 On the day when US prepares to collapse the nuclear accord, Iran find itself very vulnerable. The economy is in shambles, inflation and unemployment running high….regular public protest breaking out against government and currency collapsing . The official exchange rate… Continue Reading

Payday Loans

 Indian households it seems are no longer happy with only credit card and personal loan so it was but natural that we will lap up any other way of leveraging. Payday loans is basically a western concept of discounting future… Continue Reading