Charts That Matter-13th Jan

An excellent chart from Merill – I think this deflation will move into stagflation this year.

This is how Kondratieff Winter plays out-Henrik

US govt has been spending 5 times the rate of GDP growth. what if they stop spending?

Why Europe is in a bigger trouble than US

US vs Europe Stocks…. US stocks are much less indebted than Eurozone ones, yet most of the focus of analysts is on US companies’ leverage. The difference between the S&P 500 and the Stoxx 600 is enormous. ( Danielle)

Shorting Bunds is the new widow maker trade: Bill Gross’s bond fund assets decline below $1bn from February’s all-time high of $2.24bn as fund lags most peers amid misplaced bets that rates on US Treasuries and German bunds would converge.(Holger)

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